When Labros restaurant was built in 1889, Vouliagmeni was a very remote destination for Athenians. A meeting point for gourmet lovers of the capital since the time of Charilaos Trikoupis.

“In the name of the Holy Trinity Sotirios years ΑΩΠΘ “(1889) reigns of George I” Trikoupi premiership. The approval on Eccl. Minister Panagiotis Manetta abbot council the Law of the Monastery Asomaton the Petrakis consisting of the Abbot Symeon this Korovesis ex Keratea Lavrio Monk and the Directors Artemije Tsirigoti monk Neophytos dour Monk (provisional) And Michael Monk Dionysius erected spends the monastery the first in the Vouliagmeni Vari Municipality Kropias café-restaurant two-storey building XXX rooms XXXII bath tubs constructed it to the bath tubs carriageway n route after the bridge.

Irrefutable witness this centenary history is the marble slab that is embedded in the hall of the restaurant is a jewel and treasure together.


Υears will pass and the humble road will become a wide avenue, Vouliagmeni a cosmopolitan suburb of Athens and Labros Tavern will become best known for the fresh fish and the prime location.

The entire building is made of stone, a great part of which still survives.


Labros family, having many years of experience in the food industry knows the recipe for success. The trends and habits may have changed, but one element remains constantly non-negotiable: the high quality of what we offer is the parameter that gives us added value, gaining customer confidence, something that will establish you in the hearts of people.


Today, after a renovation that added beauty to the historic venue, the marble slab remains in the same place, identity and icon together, to commemorate the passing of an entire century.
As Labros Restaurant is already running the second century of his life, our ambition is to continue the tradition of good seafood and create new friends while offering quality cuisine and service.


Irrefutable, witness of this centenary history is the marble slab that is embedded in the hall of the restaurant, a jewel and treasure together.

Luck and Gods will, but also the foresight of Louka Labrou, safeguarded this historical plate from many adventures and dangers, during a very unstable period of wars and occupations.

Our history is vast and it is our main priority to preserve our roots. At the same time, we keep looking forward in order to evolve and offer the best of a dining experience to our loving guests.